Wilmington, NC Overview

Since we live in Wilmington, it is only fitting to have a post here about the beautiful Port City!

If you take a closer look at the numbers, you will notice that the real estate market in Wilmington, NC is booming. Before going into details, let’s say that the trend of moving from the north to the south is not a new one. It seems that more and more people are attracted to the pleasant climates, additional outdoor activities and relaxing places found south.

Wilmington is a port city in North Carolina. Today, this is one of the fastest growing cities in this state. Many people know Wilmington because this is the hometown of one of the greatest American basketball players – Michael Jordan. Of course, Wilmington is much more than that and has many things to offer. For instance, Wilmington is a city that has a good local economy. The industrial base makes the local economy grow every year steadily. Even the global financial crisis a decade ago didn’t affect this city. The basis of this economy is revolving around industrial plants that create medical, telecom, and electronic equipment. In addition, there are many successful factories that make pharmaceuticals, clothing, food etc. It’s also worth mentioning that Wilmington is often listed on lists that include the best cities for careers and business. This is just one of the reasons why investing in a home in Wilmington is a good idea. In case you buy a property in a growing city with positive economic projection you can get an excellent return on investment.

Another thing that makes Wilmington, NC a great city is the opportunity to enjoy arts and culture and find a job in this field. Just one of the most important cultural attractions in Wilmington, the Thalian Hall Center for the Performing Arts (built in 1858), holds over 250 events every year. while we are talking about performing arts we should also mention the Hannah Block Historic USO/Community Arts Center, the Brooklyn Arts Center, and the Cultural Arts Building. In addition to performing arts, Wilmington also has one popular film festival (the famous Cucalorus) and many music festivals.

It’s also good to point out that Wilmington is situated in an area known as one of the most amazing coastlines not only in the United States but in the world. People who live in Wilmington and those who are visiting this city are enjoying in a myriad of outdoor activities like swimming, deep sea fishing, kayaking, beach combing, hiking etc. There are many beaches close to this city that are ideal for those looking for less crowded areas.

Wilmington, NC is a place where people can find affordable, comfortable, and modern housing in a pleasant outdoor atmosphere with specific coastal feel. This city is located relatively close to major cities like Washington D.C. (6-hour drive), New York City (10-hour drive) and Philadelphia (8-hour drive).

Finally, even though there are many people who are considering Florida as a state where they can enjoy the positive sides of living in the south, it’s worth mentioning that Wilmington, NC provides the same things but has lower crime rates, lower property taxes, lower real estate prices, fewer tourists and overpopulated areas and a better weather.

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A Brief Overview of Wilmington, NC